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Honors Housing

VCU is evaluating entering into a public/private partnership to construct a new Honors College Housing facility for the university properties at 700-716 W. Grace Street. Updated Honors Housing along Grace Street will offer much-needed residential housing as well as active ground-floor retail and gathering spaces that will further build upon activity along the campus "main street." The project will provide undergraduate housing for Honors College and will provide additional student housing to respond to increased demand for on-campus housing. Approximately 700+ beds are anticipated and will include various unit types focused on the developmental age of residents (traditional and semi-suite style rooms). Once the facility is constructed, the Honors College staff will be moving from their existing location at 701 W. Grace Street.

The project supports ONE VCU Master Plan goals related to student success. Placing new housing on the Grace Street corridor enhances vibrancy and activity along the campus main street. 

Project status: Pre-planning phase of study

Location: 700-716 W. Grace Street

Where it is on the Six-Year Capital Plan: First biennium (2024-2026)

Estimated timeline: Depends on funding approval

Funding source: To be determined as project structure is finalized, but likely a combination of rent and/or private support

Primary consultants: Ayers Saint Gross (architect), WMJordan (construction manager)

It is important to note that undertaking a pre-planning study does not guarantee that a particular project will come to fruition. Issues such as funding availability or a shift in priorities can delay or even cancel a project from becoming a reality. 

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