Master Plan Working Group

Carlos Brown Executive Director, Support Services and Planning, VCU Health System
Mary Cox University Architect and Director of Planning and Design, Facilities Management
Jeff Eastman University Planner, Facilities Management
Curt Erwin Assistant Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Executive Director of Housing
Keith Hayes Director of Space Management, Facilities Management
Heidi Jack Executive Director, Academic Finance and Administration, Office of the Provost
Tim Lampe Director of Facilities and Siegel Center Operations
Mitzi Lee Director, Real Estate Services
Tito Luna Neighborhood Outreach Director, Division of Community Engagement
Catherine Porzio Healthcare Architect, Support Services and Planning, VCU Health System
Diane Reynolds Assistant Vice President for Business Services
Demetrius Shambley PhD student in Public Policy and Administration, Wilder School
Desmond Smallwood Graduate Student in Master of Urban and Regional Planning Program, Wilder School
Erin Stanforth Director of Sustainability, Facilities Management
Keith Van Inwegen University Landscape Architect, Facilities Management
Lisa Webb Executive Director for Academic Affairs, Office of the VP for Health Sciences

*Use of bold denotes chair