Implementing the ONE VCU Master Plan

The ONE VCU Master Plan is designed to be a flexible guide for VCU's physical development over the next decade or more. The prioritization of each project identified in the master plan will depend on need and funding, among many other factors. The university's Six-Year Capital Plan, which is approved by VCU's Board of Visitors, prioritizes projects for the university. The VCU Health System Authority Board of Directors is responsible for prioritizing projects for the Health System.

Generally, there are two main planning phases for each capital project: the pre-planning phase and the detailed design phase. During the pre-planning phase, VCU determines the scope of the project, what the greatest needs are for a facility, how it will be funded, what programs will be offered in the space, and what competing objectives might impact the project. This information helps VCU prioritize projects since, as is often the case with urban planning, one project must be completed before another begins. In the detailed design phase, our architects work from a well-defined scope and budget to design a project (the ONE VCU Master Plan proposes new construction and renovation to, at a minimum, achieve LEED Silver Standards) and receive all of the requisite approvals.

Once the pre-planning and detailed design phases are complete and the funding for the project has been secured, the project enters the construction phase.

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After the construction phase concludes, completed ONE VCU Master Plan projects will be archived on the

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