Six-Year Capital Plan

Every odd-numbered year, VCU's Board of Visitors approves the university’s Six-Year Capital Plan, which VCU prepares in accordance with the Commonwealth of Virginia biennial budget process. VCU Health System's capital planning process is separate from the university's and is ultimately approved by the VCUHS Board of Directors. 

The university's 2024-2030 Six-Year Capital Plan includes capital projects the university may initiate over the next six years and identifies potential funding sources based on the priorities outlined in both the Quest 2028: One VCU Together We Transform strategic plan and the ONE VCU Master Plan. The capital plan includes critically needed projects in the first of the three biennia. The remaining biennia projects are also important subsequent priorities.

Capital projects are in three funding categories:

  • State projects:
    • Projects that require state funds
    • May be paid for, in part, with university funds
    • VCU Board of Visitors approves the submittal of the funding request to the Governor of Virginia
    • The Governor evaluates the university’s projected capital outlay needs and incorporates her/his recommendations into the Executive Budget for consideration by the General Assembly

  • University projects:
    • Projects that will be paid for by the university
    • VCU Board of Visitors approves

  • Public-private partnerships:
    • Projects undertaken by VCU alongside a private entity to finance, build and operate
    • Unique structure for each project
    • VCU Board of Visitors approves

2024-2030 Six-Year Capital Plan

The current Six-Year Capital Plan was approved by the VCU Board of Visitors in May 2023 and is a prioritization of key projects outlined in the ONE VCU Master Plan. Please note that although all prioritized projects will be examined and considered, not all will move forward. Timelines are optimistic and approximate, and projects may take longer to complete. This plan is revised and updated based on progress and new information every two years.