Front Door P1 Completed VCU design in front of building

Front Doors
Phase 1

The ONE VCU Master Plan targets 11 intersections in need of pedestrian-oriented accessibility and safety improvements. The first priority locations for improvements were the intersections at Franklin and Shafer streets and Main and Linden streets. They are heavily traversed pedestrian routes with frequent vehicular movement. Intersections were retrofitted to provide safe, effective pedestrian crossings. Adjacent underutilized space on campus was revitalized as convenient, informal gathering spaces.

Project Status: Completed Summer 2020

Location: Franklin and Shafer streets and Main and Linden streets

Cost: $2.02 million

Where it is on the Six-Year Capital Plan: First biennium (2020-2022)

Funding Source: University funds

Primary Consultant: Waterstreet Studio

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