Themes + Issues - Public Engagement Feedback

March 30, 2018

A zoomed in map of the Monroe Park campus highlighting connections to Richmond's mass transit and public spaces

The Planning Team provided a progress report of the ONE VCU Master Plan during three public engagement sessions in late February. The comments received at these and previous public meetings, through the website and on social media are a vital part of the planning process as they help to shape and refine the plan. The Planning Team listened and reviewed these comments with members of the internal VCU governance committees and have already begun to incorporate them into the planning process. (Read more)

Themes + Issues Phase - Public Meeting recap

March 8, 2018

People discussing and analysing a computer monitor at a presentation regarding the Master Plan

On February 27th and 28th the planning team conducted three public engagement sessions to present the current status of the ONE VCU Master Plan. Over 200 people from the VCU and Richmond community attended these presentations to learn about the Master Plan process, see a summary of the engagement and analysis conducted during the Environmental Design Phase, and learn about the emerging themes, guiding principles and concept plan that will serve as a foundation for the Design Phase. After each presentation, there was time for questions and feedback. If you could not attend the sessions, a copy of the presentation is available as well as a live recording. (Read more)

Themes + Issues Phase - Refinement and public presentations

February 16, 2018

Jeff Eastman, University Planner, giving a presentation on ONE VCU, VCU's master plan

The Planning Team spent the last four months engaging a large cross-section of the VCU and Richmond community to develop an Environmental Survey of the campus. The outcomes from this survey will be used during the Themes and Issues Phases, to develop Guiding Principles and a Concept Plan. The Concept Plan will illustrate the structure, layout, and relationships of planned open space, circulation systems, buildings, gateways, and focal points. The Concept Plan will be unified by a shared commitment to developing VCU’s campuses in ways that are ecologically, socially, and economically sustainable. (Read more)

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Upcoming Events

Shopping, Dining and Entertainment Survey

As part of the ONE VCU master plan, the university community is invited and encouraged to voice their opinion on shopping, dining and entertainment options available on both the Monroe Park and MCV campus through an online survey.

The survey should take 5-10 minutes and is available from April 19 to May 3. Individuals who complete the survey can choose to have their name placed in a raffle for one of five $50 Amazon gift cards. Many thanks for taking the time and accepting the opportunity to become a part of the ONE VCU Master Planning process.

To begin the survey, simply click on this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/C9RFQSB 


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