Themes + Issues Phase - refinement and public presentations

February 16, 2018

Jeff Eastman, University Planner, giving a presentation on ONE VCU, VCU's master plan

The Planning Team spent the last four months engaging a large cross-section of the VCU and Richmond community to develop an Environmental Survey of the campus. The outcomes from this survey will be used during the Themes and Issues Phases, to develop Guiding Principles and a Concept Plan. The Concept Plan will illustrate the structure, layout, and relationships of planned open space, circulation systems, buildings, gateways, and focal points. The Concept Plan will be unified by a shared commitment to developing VCU’s campuses in ways that are ecologically, socially, and economically sustainable. (Read more)

Themes + Issues Phase - Ongoing engagement and fast track priorities

February 1, 2018

VCU staff and faculty looking at pictures of architecture

In December and January, the Planning Team continued to engage stakeholder groups, including alumni and students, and made presentations to the Board of Visitors and Real Estate Foundation. The Planning Team worked with the Master Plan governance committees to review the existing conditions analysis and vet initial themes that summarize the key issues and opportunities for the physical campus. These themes will be further developed during the remainder of the Themes and Issues Phase in order to establish Guiding Principles based on a common vision and approach to the campus structure. (Read more)

Environmental Survey Phase initial analysis and stakeholder feedback

November 17, 2017

Key words describing the major strengths of the existing campus: academic, programs, neighborhoods, active, intimate, art, history, medical, diversity, location, center, righ, fabric, Richmond, Franklin, culture, urban, collaboration, eclectic, diverse, architecture, vibrant, street, engagement, library, community, historic, and comprehensive

Between October 30, 2017 and November 2, 2017, the VCU planning team conducted 27 stakeholder meetings and interviews, engaging with 106 individuals. During each stakeholder meeting, the planning team gave a brief introductory presentation about the Master Plan process and schedule then asked the following six questions to frame the conversation:

  • What are the major strengths of the existing campus?
  • What are the major weaknesses of the existing campus?
  • What are the priorities/greatest needs for your unit? (Read More)

Environmental Survey Phase introduction

October 30, 2017

A zoomed-in view of a map of Richmond, VA highlighting the different city districts

The first phase of the Master Plan is the Environmental Survey Phase which includes an assessment of the existing conditions as well as engagement with campus stakeholders to determine the opportunities and challenges on campus. During the Environmental Survey Phase, the Planning Team will tour campus, review, coordinate and synthesize recent and on-going studies to inform the analysis and determine what is relevant for the plan, and meet with the Master Plan governance committees, all of the University deans, Strategic Plan leadership, VCU Health System Leadership, and other Stakeholder groups. One of the concepts being tested in the plan is that of ONE VCU – looking at how to address the feeling that the Monroe Park and MCV Campuses are isolated from one another. That concept will be introduced through these stakeholder and public meetings as participants will be asked “What would help meet the goal of ‘ONE VCU’”? (Read more)

Master Plan Kickoff and Process

October 2, 2017

A zoomed-in view of the Ayers Saint Gross campus master plan graphic

VCU is beginning a campus master planning process that will draw its direction specifically from the priorities and initiatives in VCU's new Strategic Plan and build off recent and ongoing studies. The goal of this planning effort is to develop a comprehensive and flexible plan that addresses the needs of the university over the next 10-15 years. The plan will be a coordinated roadmap for the University and Health System. The five-phase planning process is scheduled to occur over a 15-month period. The Planning Team is led by Ayers Saint Gross, an internationally recognized architectural, planning, and design firm. The team also includes a number of consultants, some local to Richmond that will focus on campus heritage, landscape architecture – open space and streetscape, civil engineering, cost estimating, and financial feasibility. (Read More)

Upcoming Events

  • February 27th: 12-1 p.m. Public Presentation - Kontos Building Auditorium
  • February 27th: 6-7 p.m. Public Presentation - Temple Building room 1164
  • February 28th: 12-1 p.m. Public Presentation - Temple Building room 1160

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