Phase 1  - Review and engagement

Late Summer - Fall 2023

The first phase will consist of meetings with governance committees as well as leadership from the health sciences, research and health system to discuss project needs and vision, establish planning goals, and understand current planning. At the end of phase one, a draft summary of key takeaways from these meetings will be presented to the Executive Sponsors.

Phase 2  - Quantitative needs summary

Fall 2023

The second phase will entail reviewing the summarized, high-level programmatic needs that will be tested during phase three.

Phase 3  - Scenario planning

Winter 2023 - 2024

The third phase will include creating, reviewing and refining initial concepts/ideas for the Academic Medical Center Campus, including identifying key sites for future development of new structures and renovation/repurposing of existing structures.

Phase 4  - Final plan update

Spring 2024

The final phase will include finalizing the prioritization of short- and long-term projects, presenting the plan to the VCU Health System Board of Directors and the VCU Board of Visitors.