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Athletics Village

During the ONE VCU Master Plan process, VCU Athletics conducted a planning study and determined that a new site, off the main-campus footprint, would solve several existing concerns — the need for more, consolidated space and the need for space upgrades. VCU Athletics currently falls below its peer average for sport and recreation space, with approximately a quarter of existing facilities in need of major renovation. An off-campus VCU Athletic Village will offer new sports fields and facilities, including a tennis center, soccer stadium, outdoor track stadium, practice fields, and a multi-purpose facility. This plan returns on-campus real estate to serve academic and student needs, reduces travel and increases practice times for teams, and offers new opportunities for community impact through youth programming. 

Project Status: Pre-planning phase of study

Location: Diamond District, near Hermitage Road and Robin Hood Road

Where it is on the Six-Year Capital Plan: First biennium (2022-2024)

Estimated Timeline: Depends on funding approval

Funding Source: To be determined

Primary Consultant: To be determined

It is important to note that undertaking a pre-planning study does not guarantee that a particular project will come to fruition. Issues such as funding availability or a shift in priorities can delay or even cancel a project from becoming a reality. 

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