ONE VCU Master Plan Draft

The ONE VCU Master Plan provides a roadmap for the physical campus to support the strategic visions set by the University Strategic Plan - Quest 2025, Together We Transform, and the Health System Strategic Plan – Vision by Design. The ONE VCU Master Plan is guided by six principles - Student Success, Patient Experience, Program Synergies, Placemaking, Mobility and Safety, and Unify the Campus - that were established during the Themes and Issues phase of the planning process. The design team tested development ideas that support these principles throughout the spring and summer. These design ideas have coalesced into a draft plan that includes recommendations for streetscape and open space enhancements, building renovations, and new construction. The recommendations are illustrated through the six guiding principles and include an overall phasing strategy

VCU is committed to providing an open, thoughtful, transparent, and inclusive master planning process designed to engage the community and stakeholders. You are invited to review each area of the ONE VCU Master Plan draft and share your thoughts and ideas. Before the plan is finalized, we want your input to ensure the ONE VCU Master Plan represents a shared vision that will guide implementation for the next 12-15 years.  

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An overview of VCU's master planning process